Incident Report
A real-time incident reporting app to record and report incidents, with real time escalations and actions
It's free. No Credit Card needed!
It\'s free, no Credit Card needed!

The Incident Management App helps to maintain all service levels frequently. It assists the team to achieve improved staff utilization thereby increasing efficiency. It also improves effectiveness, self-service, and reduces workload.

The right way of handling incidents and events would have led to disruption of business staff as employees don’t have adequate information.

This is a 24×7 work app to establish simple connections among issues, requests, and incidents which makes work a lot easier.

The app is super easy to use with self-explanatory features. You can roll out the app within 2 business days.

The app allows users to record and report incidents as they happen. It enables real-time alerts and notifications to the Supervising personnel. It also helps management to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible and minimize the adverse impact on business.

The app to record and report incidents
Mobile Enabled Submissions
Real time reporting
Real time alerts to authorities and timely resolutions
Evidence based submissions
Top Capabilities
Picture Evidence
Geo Tracking
Predefined Cut-off or End date
Live Camera Evidence
Video Evidence
User Access Management
Real-Time Auto-Aggregated Reports
Date | Time stamp on Pictures
Automated PPT Generator
Compliance Report
Automated Escalations
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