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What is Wooqer?

It’s a mobile and web application that simplifies the way you work. It’s an easier way to communicate, share files, and get work done. All with analytics so you know where to focus and security so you have one less thing to worry about.


Why Wooqer?

Instead of paper processes, endless internal email, and spreadsheet overload, Wooqer brings all your operational content and processes into one place. This makes it easy to search, track, and secure the knowledge within your business.
less back and forth for approvals
lower cost to implement new processes

Who is Wooqer for?

Wooqer is for employees who want to bring their ideas to life, managers who want detailed reports to support their decisions, and companies who need the highest level of security and governance for their mission-critical data. The platform is already driving value and engagement across enterprises, not-for-profit institutions, and retailers around the globe.


Enable employees to bring ideas to life


Get detailed dashboards to drive your decisions


Control who has access to sensitive information