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Sitting at your headquarters and keeping a check on every store can be quite a challenge. Knowing exactly what is happening inside the store and whether proper rules and procedures are being followed can become difficult. For this very reason, Wooqer comes to your rescue and provides you with one app for all your operations, where you can simply check in at all the stores under your command without having to go places now and then. 


Having a proper store visit report is absolutely essential, as the data and insights derived from it help in improving the overall operations of the store and delivering flawless customer service. Therefore, if store visit reports do not provide the right information, it reflects bad footfall and reputation for the brand and the company. 


To keep up with the company’s standards and maintain that consistent brand image, area managers and store managers try to fill in Excel sheets and take down notes wherever possible. Now, that might be feasible for some time, however, it can get cumbersome to keep track of every possible sheet and stack it in a safe space. This is why it is important to have a standardized template that helps you make your store visit reports easy and keep a vigilant eye on your stores’ performance. 

Why Do You Need It?

While on the surface, it is quite obvious that having an app that helps you streamline your operations is important, if you look at it from a deeper perspective, you will see how seamless your entire life will get after using a tool that simply makes your life easier.


 – It sets clear goals and expectations for what is working out in the store and what isn’t, which helps in devising a plan for how to boost customer satisfaction.

– It helps area managers identify which stores are working up to the mark or not.

– It helps you take surveys and do a proper root cause analysis, which pushes you to deliver a better customer experience.

– It helps the IT department understand their bugs and make proper fixes.

– Lastly, it also provides you with a platform to do competitive analysis and better yourself according to that.


Having a standardized template for handling store operations and knowing what is working in each store helps you slow down your brain and not put unnecessary urgency on your shoulders. Looking after several stores at a location is like having to keep a mental checklist and always trying to stay on top of everything. Although it is important to keep a check on what is going on inside the store, visiting a store shouldn’t seem like such a hassle.


So when you do a store visit audit with the Wooqer app, you get the following benefits:


 – You can do a proper quality check, presentation, and assurance of the store.

– You can directly interact with customers and note their feedback to improve the stores that are not performing well.

– You can identify operational challenges and possible bottlenecks that may not be apparent.

– Being physically present in stores will provide you with insights into market trends, buyer behavior, staff efficiency, and local customer preferences.

– You can evaluate the effectiveness of merchandising strategies, promotional displays, and product placements.

– You can build stronger relationships between store teams and corporate leadership, which is crucial for the long-term success of the retail operation.


When you sign up on Wooqer to keep a check on your store and do your store audits, it won’t simply give you a standardized template to work on. Much more than that, it will provide you with a platform that will help you streamline your tasks and do your store visits seamlessly and without feeling overwhelmed. So if you take advantage of the Wooqer app, you will get the following features: 


 – Live camera evidence

– Data and time stamps on pictures/videos

– Visual Gallery

– Geo-fencing and tracking

– Auto-reminders of assignments

– Auto-report sharing

– Completion and compliance reports

– One-click task creation

– API integration

– Single screen visibility

– Publish visit scorecards

Benefits in Numbers

23% Increased Productivity

– 28% Increased SOP Adherence

– 60% Faster Store Resolution

– 83% Decrease in Follow-ups


– Majid Al Futtaim: Wooqer is a multi-faceted streamlining product that simplifies the completion, tracking, collation, and reviewing of operational reports.


In conclusion, with retail stores launching in every nook and corner of India, it is important to have resources to look after them vigilantly. Opening stores and not keeping a check on them or assuming they will grow on their own will only lead to the downfall of the brand. Therefore, to grow a particular store or brand, the heads, area managers, and store managers have to work together and use tools like Wooqer to streamline their tasks and not maintain thousands of sheets that might get lost in the future.


Moreover, apart from recording how every store is doing, you can easily get a performance report and analyze metrics to see where you need to improve and what you are doing right. 

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