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Head start your day with the Wooqer Start of Day WorkApp. Make your apparel and fashion store daily check-ins and reporting with real time evidence fun with easy-to-use checklists. The Wooqer 360 Dashboard gives you transparency into the completion status of each task at any given location and time period.


With thousands of tasks for visual merchandising heads to complete, keeping track of each store’s performance can become quite overwhelming. Managing N numbers of Excel sheets and forwarding them via email, WhatsApp, and other social media handles can make it cumbersome to know the status of each store and if the employees are doing their work or not. However, this doesn’t only impact the head or area managers; it also has an indirect effect on the brand image, the particular store, store operations, and the most important one—the customer experience.  


To maintain that consistency and provide people with the best customer experience, it is important to inculcate modern practices that help you streamline operations and make these everyday tasks into something fun and easy-to-do. Businesses are automating tasks and operations that require little to no effort, which saves them ample time and money to look after things that require a huge workforce. 


Therefore, in order to get better results and maintain brand consistency, it is essential that one starts to leverage the technological advancements and cultural shifts happening in the world of apparel and fashion to be at the top of their game. 

Why Do You Need It?

Start of the day checklists can make your life easier and enhance your productivity and organization to a top-notch level. It can help you streamline your apparel business operations and menial tasks with easy-to-use checklists and reduce your effort and time spent maintaining thousands of Excel sheets. If you make these checklists your go-to-companion, your daily check-ins will become a fun task that you look forward to. 


With technological changes happening around us and high end fashion brands trying to expand their horizons to cater to today’s audience, it is important to inculcate such modern changes in a positive way so that they show a positive result in the future. Not only this, but with more tasks being added to the plate so often, managing these small yet highly impactful things takes a backseat and it tends to downgrade the brand and its offline store presence to a null. 


Therefore, to give your customers the absolute best in the market and make them remember the kind of experience they got at a given store, it is important as a store manager, area manager, and department head to make them feel comfortable and give them a top-notch experience at every store. 


Investing your time and money in a solution that helps you streamline visual merchandising operations will make your day less stressful and eventually provide you with a one-stop shop where you can easily do your business and manage everything in one place. The major benefits of getting your hands on this WorkApp are:


 – You get everything at one place

– Daily reminders to do check-ins and complete your assigned tasks

– You can customize and integrate according to your needs

– You save time and money to do other things

– It reduces stress and increases productivity


Not only this but you can confidently do your work and not worry about whether the area manager or store manager are doing their job correctly or not. This app gives you that headspace to make your life and even the lives of your subordinates easier. 


Wooqer is not only about daily check-ins and streamlining operations. Under this umbrella comes a lot of responsibility to look after the minute details, which people seem to forget otherwise. So with our app, you can get the following features in one go: 


 – Live camera evidence

– Data and time stamps on pictures/videos

– Visual gallery

– Geo-fencing and tracking

– Auto-reminders of assignments

– Auto-report sharing

– Completion and compliance report

– One-click task creation

– API integration

Benefits in Numbers

– 23% Increased Productivity

– 28% Increased SOP Adherence

– 60% Faster Store Resolution

– 83% Decrease in follow-ups


– Majid Al Futtaim: Wooqer is a multi-faceted streamlining product that simplifies the completion, tracking, collation, and reviewing of operational reports.


In conclusion, managing so many things and being on top of everything can be quite difficult. With so many things to look after by the area manager and department head, creating smart checklists and ticking off tasks in the proper order can make your job easier and lighter. So make your everyday mundane tasks fun to do by making a smart operation app your everyday friend in just a few seconds.


With so many technological advancements and cultural shifts, it is time that businesses invest in things that not only make their products modern but also save them time and energy to do other things that require their attention and headspace. So, get to know what is happening thousands of miles away with just a simple click of a button now.

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