Webinar Series – Titan’s VM Transformation

Title: Titan’s Transformational Journey in VM

Speaker: Ankit Prakash, Titan




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A short synopsis –

Ankit Prakash, VM head at Titan, discusses how Wooqer has boosted their VM operations. “Visual Merchandising consists of design and implementation and improves a product or store’s appearance,” he says.  It is a way to offer clients a taste of the brand by making the store look aesthetic. VM improves the store’s appearance so customers can see product benefits and purchase impulsively which in turn increases sales.


People are resistant to change whenever it is implemented in the organization. When it came to the experience of their store employees, Titan was experiencing a few challenges.



Disconnected store teams: To foster a sense of belonging, retail teams required an interactive means of distributing information centrally and across all stores.

– Low adoption of training courses: Titan needed training that was both stimulating and easily accessible.

– Lack of centralized visibility into store operations: It was difficult to create a consistent experience for customers globally when there is regional diversity in store operations and little visibility over the global retail network.


Ankit highlights that store managers had to travel to different cities to check on quality and compliance. Limited visibility made it challenging to plan with the available data. 


How did Wooqer help?

Management encouraged VM champs to log on the platform and upload photographs and videos for visibility during implementation. Employees were more inclined to collaborate without hierarchy. Store Managers were able to achieve a uniform VM refresh across outlets.

HQ teams could see their entire store network, enabling them to enhance sales conversion and achieve retail excellence.

Once onboard Wooqer, the store managers were able to operate faster and more efficiently. Digitizing operations helped streamline and cost-effectively manage over 580 outlets all across India. 


VM Rollout – Festival Drive 

Festive store outlook change is a key activity to improve sales and customer experience at Titan. Main challenges were around VM guidelines adoption across 500+ stores, implementation review, corrective suggestions by regional VMs and tracking these actions to closure.

With Wooqer, the management was able to: 

– Increase active participation of employees by 20%

– Ensure real-time visibility into store execution

– Effectively reduce rollout efforts by 85% and create consistent customer experience

– Provide timely review and feedback in 8 hours for 50+ stores



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