Visual Merchandising Audit

Visual Merchandising Checklist for 2021

The year 2021 is making its way and it’s about time to prepare your business for the next year, and for a retail business what could be more important than updating the visual merchandising audit checklist for the coming year.

Maintaining and timely updating the visual merchandising checklist makes sure that your products are presented in the best possible way to the customers, and thus greatly increases the chances of sales at your retail business.

The methods of business have changed remarkably over the past year, and visual merchandising has become more important now than ever before. Along with the best presentation, businesses have to also make sure that the customers feel a sense of safety and quality while shopping at your retail facility.

So, the best practice is to maintain a daily checklist to ensure all the aspects of visual merchandising are addressed appropriately.

Well, let’s make things easier for you, here are detailed and updated visual merchandising daily checklists of 2021 for a retail business.

Store Exterior Checklist

Visual merchandising of the exterior is as important as any other section of the store. After all, the customers’ first appeal to shop at your store is by the looks and quality of the exterior. Here are the things you must include in your daily checklist,

  • Make sure all the signage of your store is in place, working, and visible to the people.
  • Check if the working hours are displayed correctly.
  • Are the features of the latest running campaign displayed clearly and attractively?
  • Check if the glasses and windows are all squeaky clean.
  • Make sure that all the exterior lights are in place and working properly.
  • Finally, make sure the overall exterior is appealing. For example, if your property has a parking lot or a garden, make sure that it is well maintained and marked as needed.

Store Interior Checklist

The interior of the store is as important as the exterior if not more. So, here’s the checklist for the interior of the store.

  • The most important point in 2021 is to check whether all the covid-19 precautionary equipment is in place and working.
  • Make sure that the corridor between the shelves is clean, well-lit, and capable of accommodating the steady flow of customers while maintaining the social distancing norms.
  • Is the latest campaign displayed well in front of the store?
  • Is it easy for customers to navigate within the store to locate their desired products fast?
  • Can the Staff have a good view of all parts of the store at all times?
  • Are all cameras working and positioned well?
  • Make sure that the cash counter is clean and appealing to customers.
  • Make sure that the interior is well-furnished, painted, and cleaned appropriately.
  • Make sure that all the products are well organized and visible.
  • The shelves must not look jammed and stuffed
  • Location and Category of products must be displayed well.
  • Makes sure the heavy items are kept lower on the shelves.
  • Make sure your staff looks professional and everyone is well-trained.
  • Finally, make sure that the store has the stocks; if a product is running out make sure you order it before it runs out completely.

Other Important Sections

The above mentioned are the main sections of the visual merchandising of a retail store. But if necessary, you can also make specific checklists for organizing staff or handling promotions. For larger stores with huge staff and constant promotions, you should create separate visual merchandising audit checklists for all required sections.

And so that’s all; make sure that you include the above-mentioned points in your visual merchandising daily checklist and get your store ready to embrace the year 2021 and grow limitlessly.

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