daily restaurant opening checklist

How can you start a profitable restaurant – opening checklist?

If you are planning to open a restaurant, it can be a challenging task as there is so much to be done. The restaurant owner needs to take care of a lot of paperwork and other activities, which can be overwhelming. To ensure the smooth opening of your restaurant, you need to come up with a well-devised plan.

Once you have prepared the daily restaurant opening checklist, it can become easier to follow the path. The blueprint helps you in achieving the goals at every step.

Let’s have a look at the restaurant opening checklist:

  • Research

The first step is to conduct some research about the restaurant industry to become familiar with the nuances. This will help you know what preparations you need to make. Though you don’t necessarily need specific education, a degree in hospitality or culinary arts will help.

  • Restaurant/cuisine type

The next step is to think about the restaurant’s theme and the cuisine that you wish to serve. Whether you want to open a café or fine dine, fast food joint or a bistro needs to be considered. You need to decide if you wish to serve different cuisines or specialize in a specific one.

  • Competitors

You need to study about the competitors to beat the competition that you would face. Take a view of the similar restaurants near your areas. Review what makes them good in their job. You can also visit them as a customer and get an idea of how to beat the competition or even get useful tips for your restaurant.

  • Lease/buy

On the basis of the availability of funds, you need to decide if you would lease the property or buy it. If you have huge funds and the willingness to afford, you can buy an empty space and design it from scratch.

  • Create a business plan

The business plan should have all the details right from feasibility to expected earnings. Find out if the market needs a restaurant like yours.

  • Arrange for funds

You can consider applying for some grants or look for bank loans, and investors as the investment in the restaurant business is too high.

  • License and permits

You need to comply with the necessary paperwork to get a business license, food service license, liquor license, food handler’s permit, employee identification number, sign permit, seller’s permit, etc. You would also need a certificate of occupancy.

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