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Wooqer for VM Teams

VM teams often face issues of training employees and tracking the VM roll out. This is majorly due to their dependency on local employees or outsourced reps who are miles away, with no supervision.

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With Wooqer in place, It has been found that
• VM teams have generated desired sales impact from their Visual Merchandising efforts by ensuring easier, faster roll outs, consistent reviews, and a scorecard to build accountability at all levels.
• Reduced time and efforts required to implement VM standards for multiple concepts across stores with better consistency.

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Visual Merchandising Marketplace
Planogram Roll-out
Instant roll out of VM guidelines or planogram. Real time tracking of how many stores have reviewed the guidelines.
- Mobile enabled
- Searchable
- Access rights manageable
VM Collateral Ordering
Ensure availability of all the VM related collaterals on time as per planogram. Request beforehand for the next week plan to keep your store VM compliant all the time.
- Flexible, easy to modify form
- Mobile enabled
- Staus visibility of every order
VM Inventory Audit
Continuous check on VM inventory ensure availability of necessary collaterals and timely ordering of r
- Reminders drive timely audits
- Central team have access to inventories of stores
VM Review
VM heads put up a review checklist for regional reviewers and as they give feedback through this checklist, a VM score is automatically generated for each store. VM heads can compare the actual store display vis-à-vis the guidelines.
- Flexible, easy to modify form
- Auto-aggregation of all feedback
- Reminders drive timely reponse
VM Prop Set-up Guideline Videos
Video guidelines on look & feel of stores as per planogram. Help store mangers ensure better compliance with the VM guidelines due to visual feel of store look in videos.
- Videos bring in effectiveness
- Complements in-person sessions


It is almost impossible to capture VM gaps for 700 stores across 320 cities that we had achieved within such a short
time span. I don’t think this would have been possible without Wooqer.

Amitabh Sadashiv

Regional Manager - Franchisee Operations, Raymonds