Daily Sales Report
Stay on track of your daily sales output
It's free. No Credit Card needed!
It\'s free, no Credit Card needed!

The Wooqer Daily Sales Report App enables a mobile-based form for capturing daily sales output from a particular entity. The App is customizable to your needs. With real-time reporting in place, reports can be viewed at their convenience without any hassle.

Evidence-based submissions help in substantiating the output. Records can be auto-calculated and total sales output from an entity can be obtained from the same.

Maintaining a record of your total sales output of the day is a tedious task with constant back and forth between different teams on numbers against actuals and the proof to substantiate the claim. Visibility often remains a major point of concern as a report for a particular needs to be searched and this often leads to a lot of loss of time and reduces productivity.

The app is customizable to your organization’s needs. Evidence-based submissions enable regional managers to take a deep look into the functioning of the store. Automated workflow, time-bound escalations, and reminders ensure that issues discovered in the audit are resolved swiftly, without the pain of follow-ups.

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Automatic Data Collation and Reporting
Date | Time stamp on Pictures
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Video Evidence
Compliance Report
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Automated PPT Generator
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