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Simplify Visual Merchandising

Receive and rate visual merchandising implementation (pictures / video) across points of sale, basis accordance with guidelines, policies and instructions laid out by the company.

I see the build up of accountability as the single biggest benefit

Visual Merchandising Head, International Retailer

Build accountability
Achieve 100% compliance

Effort Shift
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5+ use cases
Renovation Tracker
Optimize resources and renovate faster with a one-time process flow and dependency definition, easy task assignment, mobile updates, real-time reports and visibility into likely completion date
- Mobile updates & reminders
- Real-time visibility into status
- Notifications on Progress / Delay
Kaizen Management
Capture Kaizens from across employees, along with evidences and guidelines to replicate, from the Kaizen generator. Publish it to all your colleagues to enable replication. Recognize successes
- Easy Kaizen submission
- Single repository available to all
- Easy publishing and tracking
Quality Audit
Get efficient, fast and evidence based audits by enabling your auditors with a digital form on mobile. Get auto-aggregated reports for easy insights and easy exception management.
- Flexible, easy to modify form
- Mobile based submission
- Easy tracking of exception closures
Supplier Audit
Build accountability amongst suppliers with a mobile-enabled audit checklist for your team. Get auto-collated data, evidences with date/time stamp and an auto-generated Scorecard
- Flexible, mobile enabled form
- Auto-generated Supplier Scorecard
- Easy tracking of exception closures
Snag Reporting
Drive efficient closures. Enable teams to report snags directly from mobile. Set reminders to drive timely closures. Auto-aggregated reports and notifications enable timely interventions.
- Automated reminders & escalations
- Auto-collated analyzable reports
- Define workflows & responsibilities