When we think of a fast food chain, the first thing that comes to mind is quick and consistent service delivery. Franchise owners need to ensure complete standardization across all outlets to maintain brand value. This means that when a customer decides to dine at a different outlet than the one he/she regularly visits, the experience shouldn’t be any different than what the customer is used to.


Large fast food chains having 200+ outlets shoulder an even bigger responsibility when it comes to standardization of restaurant operations. Let’s take a look at how a leading global quick service restaurant chain leveraged Wooqer to ensure consistent customer experience across all of its Middle East outlets.


Digitization of Restaurant Audits – Traditionally, restaurant audits were conducted using paper checklists with findings being shared via disparate channels like email and Whatsapp. Wooqer made it possible for the client to create and share online checklists via the mobile app, track issues on a real-time basis and take corrective action in a timely manner. With digitization in effect, the client was able to increase the frequency of audits from a weekly basis to a daily basis. Digitization made it possible to collect and report data as and when the audit took place, saving time and effort. Moreover, having the data in one place enabled the franchise owner to compare the performance of all outlets, ensuring consistency of service delivery.


Promotional Campaigns – After finalizing the focus product for suggestive selling, the franchise owner leveraged the Wooqer platform to roll out a contest for restaurant staff across all outlets. Contest parameters were shared with all outlets via the app, restaurant general managers shared daily sales figures and a leaderboard with compiled monthly numbers was made visible to all outlets. The contest was concluded at the end of the month and winner details were shared with all restaurant managers. This provided restaurant level accountability and kept teams motivated and focused.


Buyer Reaction Surveys – The franchise owner was able to quickly create and launch customer surveys directly on the Wooqer app and share survey questions with restaurant managers. Feedback was collected by all restaurant managers on their smartphones and compiled results were immediately available to the franchise owner. This not only enabled quick decision making, but also ensured consistency of feedback collection across outlets.


New Product Launches – Wooqer’s integrated platform enabled the franchise owner to simultaneously launch new products across outlets and ensure brand consistency. Launch checklists were digitally rolled out to restaurant managers and critical issues were tackled on the spot. Marketing teams leveraged the platform to provide instructions on the display of promotional material at all outlets to maintain a consistent look and feel. Digitizing launch checklists helped speed up the process and ensured that all outlets were customer ready with the required training in place.

Consistency of service delivery serves as a make or break factor for large franchise operators and digitization is a sure fire way of ensuring that customers get the same experience no matter which outlet they step into.


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