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Sr Devops Engineer

Role Overview

-Define DevOps best practices

-Plan, deploy and maintain critical business applications to ensure high availability.

-Automate the provisioning of environments and deployment using containers, like Docker.

-Design and implement release management procedures on production environments.

-Set up and configure Continuous Integration on Jenkins / open source tools.

-Design and develop automation workflows to assess the overall quality of delivered components.

-Ensuring an Infrastructure availability of 99.99 with the capability to horizontally scale components of need.

-Migrate the customer PI(s) to AWS.

-Set up proactive monitoring for the infrastructure and associated software.

-Conceptualize DevOps design with focus on release and post-production support activities.


-Strong in managing AWS infrastructure and services – EC2, CloudFront, RDS, S3, and any related components. Exposure to migrating to AWS is a big plus.

-Stringent governance/compliance – in terms of rotating keys, ssh access, password management, GDPR.

-Management of QA, Staging, and Production Infrastructure with continuous deployments and integrations.

-Integrate and implement Dev/QA tools such log analysis, usage analysis, and exception analysis tools such as New Relic, Sumo Logic to facilitate easy debugging of issues.

-Strong background in Linux / Unix server management.

-Experience with automation/configuration management.

-Experience working on open source technologies and cloud services ( AWS, Azure, Google Cloud etc. ) Experience working of code and script (Python, Perl etc. ).

-Good experience in deployment along with knowledge of setting Web Servers, DNS Servers, load balancer’s like Apache etc.

-Exposure to Containerization technologies, including LXC, Docker, CoreOS, etc. Exposure to SolR, Elastic Search, Redis will be big plus Knowledge of RDBMS systems such as MySQL.


-Bachelor’s or equivalent degree in engineering

-Problem solving aptitude and customer-oriented attitude

-6 to 8 years of overall experience in DevOps function