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Retail Operations on Wooqer

Industry: All
Function: Training
HR Periodicity: On Joining
Setup time: 20-30 mins
Investment: Rs 1/day/ employee
Value: Rs 5000/ employee


A training module for inducting new employees into the organization with videos bringing in next to in-person training effectiveness, mobility providing reach to all and Analytics facilitating measurement.

Retail Operations Marketplace
Consumables Ordering
Make the consumables ordering process efficient by enabling digital orders. Ensure timely fulfilment, while getting all order data in a single report to track item utilization and misuse, if any.
- Easy to add new items
- Order summary for warehouse
- Easy tracking of utilization
Daily Sales Report
Keep the Sales team focused on the sales numbers as they report them to you at the end of each day. Get reports with consolidated numbers and the ability to drill down directly from your mobile.
- Mobile submission and reports
- Auto-aggregated reports
- Get YTD, QTD, MTD, LTL data
Global Stock Count
Minimize shortages by driving Stock count discipline. Enable stores to submit Stock count from the mobile. Track completion real-time and receive exception notifications.
- Mobile submission/ report
- Auto-reminders/ escalations
- Auto-aggregated reports
Back Room Audit
Minimize fire & Safety risks lurking behind the scenes and ensure a hygienic environment for employees with Backroom audits. Run it standalone or as part of the daily store opening checklist.
- Mobile submission with evidences
- Notifications drive compliance
- Auto-aggregated reports
Cash Credit Recon
Efficiently track cash and credit collection status and numbers at points of sale. Get the Bank deposit slip number for easy reconciliation
- Auto-collated, real-time report
- Auto-reminder
- Perpetual record
Retail Operations Marketplace