JOB DESCRIPTION: Product Manager (Mobility)

Product manager should lead the roadmap and success of our mobility platforms, where your work shall impact hundreds of thousands of users across the world.

We like to keep things simple! We invite you too as well.

• You'll imagine, conceptualize, define, develop, price and market the product(s) you are responsible for.
• You'll work hand-in-hand with the founders and shall liaise with customer-facing product group leaders to help them understand the present and future capabilities of our mobility infrastructure and opportunities. You will also anticipate decision needs our users have from Wooqer to deliver upon their product roadmaps in the future.
• Vision, curiosity, passion for solving the simplicity problem and resourcefulness at scale are four ingredients for this role and success of this role.
• You must have shipped at least one mobility product for B2B space with complex data exchange and you'd possess amazing presence/communication skills. You understand the difference between creating a content app and thinking mobility for enterprise users.
• You can inspire engineers, customers and users alike. You should be able to demonstrate complex technology projects undertaken to make users experience simple.

Desired Skills & Experience
You should be a people & situation leader to begin with. You'd have product managed an enterprise product before, have background in engineering and good sense of usability. Additionally, you'll possess the following attributes to be successful in this role:
• Process orientation
• Problem solving, data analysis & segmentation
• Ability to craft a strategy (not a plan)
• Very strong technology background (architectural)
• Outstanding presentation, persuasion skills
• Sense of usability, user experience
• Excellent relevant academics (Engineering + MBA from competitive schools)
• Customer interaction at highest levels
• Building and managing a team


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