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Platform Engineer-JAVA

This one is for deep technologists. If you rate yourself high on Java technology stack and have outstanding product engineering skills, super coding background and super problem-solving skills, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find at Wooqer – the perfect environment to blend you with an awesome platform. If you bring outstanding coding to table, we’ll invest in some amazing training & experiences in you. Additionally, you’ll help build one of the finest stories from India.


Deep engineering in all aspects of platform. You’ll code! Be entrepreneurial and partner with a product manager to create building blocks that users love and pay for. Participate in a unique organization structure designed to enable and empower your original imagination. Plan, architect, code, test and refine – all you ever wanted to do as an engineer.

Your background:

-An engineering degree, from a reputed university with outstanding credentials in computer science is a must.

-At least 1 impactful , enterprise grade product to your credit, you should have played a major role in the same- You should rate yourself very high on the Java stack- Problem solving and deep coding skills

-Deep understanding of API’s, and databases.

-An eye for user view into product/platform- A solution approach to challenges Company

-4+ yrs Industry Exposure