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Platform Engineer-iOS

Job description:

With a mobile first strategy, our IOS application becomes one of the key platform of execution for a critical user base. We are looking for enterprising individual who can always look at the larger vision, but at the same time keeping the current tactical efforts going at full throttle. Key responsibilities include below.

-Translate product requirements to low level design in compliance to IOS architecture.

-Planning sprints and executing the requirements with the team

-Plan and charter a roadmap that focuses on quality, security and robustness of the application.

-Coordination with all teams (API, QA, Design, Devops) to manage day to day work.

-Own and refine processes around TDD, code quality, documentation and security

-Continuously identify new ways to improve productivity of the team

In short, do the right things!

What we look for?

Leading a team for one of the most critical platforms for Wooqer comes with enormous amounts of responsibilities. If you are the someone who loves to take up challenges as they come, work in a slightly unstructured chaos (understatement!), and work with a highly energetic team, this is for you!

-Outstanding programming skills and problem-solving ability

-Excellent code design capabilities

-Excellent communication skills

-Ability to run agile sprints effectively by smart task allocation to team members

-Ability to break down a large problem statement into smaller actionable milestones

-Ability to organize the things amongst ambiguity with a focus on end result

Desired Skills and Experience:

-3+ years of IOS programming pedigree

-Experience of working on more than 2 products.

-B.E / M.E / M.C.A from a reputed engineering institute

-Deep knowledge of Objective C and demonstrable knowledge on Swift