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Wooqer for Marketing Teams

Build speed, effectiveness, and measurability as an organisation take its products to employees, partners, and customers is the most crucial challenge for marketing teams.

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With Wooqer in place, It has been found that
• Marketing teams are enabled to listen to the voice of customers either directly or through employees as they were able to launch and track marketing initiatives
• Be it New Product Launch, Campaign Management, Brand Change Management or Maintaining Marketing Repository, Wooqer enabled teams to execute anything they imagined with speed, reach, consistency, and effectiveness without any tech-support requirement.

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Marketing & Projects Marketplace
Agency Interactions
Close appraisals faster with a flexible digital appraisal process accessible and affordable for all employees. Choose from appraisal forms with pre-defined weightages or weightages defined at run-time
- Flexible, easy to modify form
- Self or Manager appraisal feasible
- Easy reminders & followup
Marketing repository
Repository of all Marketing assets to make the most current content accessible to all relevant stkeholders. Efficiencies build as follow ups stop within the organisation.
- Mobile access enhanced reach
- Searchable
- Access right manageable
New Product Launch
Launch new products faster with 100% employee reach. Mobile & web accessible videos drive effectivenesss without any travel costs. Easy to add assessment enables certification
- Files in any size & format
- Securely disable downloads
- Track visits, time spent & feedback
Competitor Tracking
Converting frontline staff into eyes and ears by equipping them with a competitor tracker accessible through the PC, tablet and mobile. Generate all the insights that you need to make better decisions.
- Flexible, easy to modify form
- Mobile based submission
- Editable at all times
Campaign Management
Track new campaigns through the development cycle to get visibility on likely launch dates. Use surveys for quick feedback from all stake holders for fast and right decisions.
- Easy Campaign Management
- Single repository available to all
- Easy publishing and tracking


I had to launch the Marketing campaign at a day’s
notice. There was no time to make a presentation,
so I just recorded myself on webcam explaining the
campaign and put the video on Wooqer. Starting
at 10 am, by 2 pm I knew that everyone understands
the campaign.

Rajesh Narayan

GM-Marketing, Mahindra Retail