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Wooqer for Legal & Compliance Teams

As organizations adapt Business models to modern times, regulators match up by evolving laws and policies to suit the emerging Business models. Geographical spread with different guidelines across geographies makes the role of the Legal & Compliance teams even more complex. 

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With Wooqer in place, It has been found that
• Legal & Compliance Teams have mitigated business risks and reduced liabilities by building awareness, and creating processes for driving and tracking compliance in an increasingly diverse and dynamic regulatory environment.

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Legal & Compliance Marketplace
SOP Ceritification
Quickly launch the SOP and certify all employees. Enable certification of new employees upon joining. Run periodic refreshers and assessments. Disable downloads to keeps information secure.
- Mobile access enhances reach
- Track visits and viewing time
- Easy to update SOP
SOP Implementation
Implement the SOP with digital, mobile enabled processes that make compliance easy to drive and track. Auto-aggregated reports enable insights and ongoing process evolution
- Set up and launch within hours
- No technical dependence
- Out of box mobile enablement
AMC Tracker
Drive timely maintenance with a digital database of all AMCs. Set auto-reminders for renewals and next steps for those responsible for an action. Get auto-noitfied of delays & exceptions
- Digital repository of all AMCs
- Automated reminders & escalations
- Track maintenance instances
Cash Credit Recon
Efficiently track cash and credit collection status and numbers at points of sale. Get the Bank deposit slip number for easy reconciliation
- Auto-collated, real-time report
- Auto-reminder
- Perpetual record
Agreement Repository
Ensure timely discussion, renewal & easy agreement access to stakeholders with a digital repository. Set auto-reminders for people responsible for discussion & renewals.
- Digital copy of all agreements
- Automated reminders & escalations
- Define access rights


Our team delivered 8642 hours of legal training covering 6565 instances and attained 95% of stores in just 15 days through videos and online assessments.

Jyothi V K

Head - Legal