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Wooqer for HR Teams

HR teams are almost always bothered about easing out induction process, high amount of hiring time, poor employee engagement and tedious appraisal cycles.

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With Wooqer in place, it has been found that

• HR teams have reduced hiring time by as much as 80% by digitizing the hiring process with resume and video submissions. Joining process becomes faster and effortless with digitization.

• HR teams creating opportunities for employees to engage with each other and senior management, employees are responding by staying longer and performing better. Conducting individual & team contests, video broadcasts, town-halls and live chats are cake-walk using Wooqer.

• Appraisal cycles have gone down from as much as 2 months to a little as 15 days. Ongoing reviews become easier to drive and the platform has emerged as an effective and engaging way to drive recognition programs, providing vast coverage with real-time reach and two-way interactions.

• Employees are comfortable in adopting Wooqer social as it gets integrated with work on a single engaging interface. The Mobile app has further enhanced adoption with most people having all time access.

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HR Marketplace
Performance Appraisal
Close appraisals faster with a flexible digital appraisal process accessible and affordable for all employees. Choose from appraisal forms with pre-defined weightages or weightages defined at run-time
- Flexible, easy to modify form
- Self or Manager appraisal feasible
- Easy reminders & followup
Employee Satisfaction Survey
Increase frequency of listening to employees with the easy to administer E-sat survey that brings back voice of employees with complete anonymity. Get out of box trend reports
- Define your own periodicity
- Complete annymous feedback
- Out of box trend reports
Candidate Evaluation Process
Make the candidate selection decision faster and easier by providing a common evaluation checklist to all interviewers. Perfect evaluation criteria with each instance
- Flexible, easy to modify form
- Auto-aggregation of all feedback
- Reminders drive timely reponse
Discussion Forums
Facilitate peer learning by creating Discussion Forums and enabling teams to chat on subjects. As conversations move to the discussion forums, you get a single searchable knowledge repository.
- Mobile enabled
- Searchable
- Access rights manageable
Employee Induction
Induct new employees faster with high effectivness, with a video based induction program available immediately upon joining. Enable certification. Open discussin forum for easy FAQs.
- Videos bring in effectiveness
- Complements in-person sessions
- Induction assessment feasible
Module | Data Collection


Wooqer was very helpful in crashing
data collection time across our
locations and saved a lot of time for
entire organization. It was very easy to
access ready collated

Ujjwal Ojha

HR Manager, Mahindra Retail