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How much time would you take to review VM implementation at 700 stores across 300 cities?

That’s the question which Shradha Kurup, Head of Visual Merchandising, at Raymond Ltd asked herself as she received a mandate to identify VM gaps and take corrective action across all company owned and franchisee ‘The Raymond Shops’.

Traditionally, it would have taken anywhere between 1 – 2 months to collect the pictures and capture feedback with a potential cost of 4-5 lacs (in man-hours), to gather all necessary information and identify gaps.

With RaymondTV* already connecting the entire network, she decided to leverage the platform to speed up execution.

As Prajakta Surlakar, the Wooqer Champion, responsible for RaymondTV got to work, the VM Team had the entire process ready and launched in just 2 hours.

Responses from 552 stores were received within JUST 48 HOURS.

With over 10GB of media coming together from across stores and getting auto-organized for review and feedback, evaluation was completed in less than 50 man- hours, a saving of over 2000 man-hours. Gaps were identified and plan of action presented to Senior Management within a week. This gave the team more time to analyze issues and take corrective action.



“With one of the country’s largest and oldest Franchisee network, along with a rapidly growing network of company owned stores, every initiative requires serious bandwidth. We use RaymondTV to bring consistency and speed as we manage large scale interventions across our network.” says the Head – Customer Experience at The Raymond Shop.

Multiple initiatives have already been run to seamlessly connect The Raymond Shops with the Brand for Communication, Training & Development, Contests, Surveys and Engagement initiatives. As we share this story, the next RaymondTV project is already off the ground!

* RaymondTV is ‘The Raymond Shop’s Wooqer installation