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How an Indian Banking Services Company enhanced the product knowledge of their sales personnel using Wooqer

A large Indian banking & Financial Services Company, with 4500+ branches and 12,000+ ATMs partnered with Wooqer to conduct regular weekly assessments for 15,000 bank employees.

The Training Manager of a large Indian Banking & Financial Services Company was responsible for training the bank staff on products for the institution. She wanted to know how much does the bank staff assimilate after trainings and do they remember what they are informed on the product. The key selling points are its various bank offerings on cards, loans, corporate tie-ups etc.

With her vision, she set out to map and bridge the gap between what’s taught and what’s learnt. Her unique idea of rolling out quizzes every week to assess the knowledge of bank
sales staff became a legend. Her determination led to delivery of 175 plus quizzes in a year, focussed on each banking solution assessing product knowledge and service standards.
She institutionalised this practice of assessments and made it an integral part of the Branch Managers’ weekly routine.

With Wooqer’s partnership, the banking services company achieved to:

  • Establish a modern way of training & engagement of employees
  • Execute new campaigns, corporate tie-ups in short span of time
  • Grow sales by enhancing staff knowledge through videos
  • Initiated practice of assessments as a weekly routine for consistency
  • Certifying branch champions through quizzes and assessments
  • Managing and monitoring widespread distribution network