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How a Global Footwear & Apparel Retailer achieved 100% employee interaction using Wooqer

In a first of its’ kind session, a Global Footwear & Apparel Retailer witnessed live interaction between its employees including franchisee partners across 500+ stores and its management team in India.

Reach of the top management at the Global Retailer was limited in the vast spread 500+ stores franchise network in India. Instant reach to the entire 1500+ store staff with a single unified message for all stores as well as capturing their questions, asks and suggestions in real time, with all relevant stakeholders present in a short span of 30 mins was unthinkable.

With Wooqer, the retailer reached out to 1500+ store staff, geographically spread all over India through an online Townhall setup on the platform and interacted in a live Q&A session.
The activity was executed in less than 30 min and over 500 comments and live queries were captured from this exercise.

With Wooqer’s partnership, the retailer achieved to:

  • Establish a modern way of training & engagement of employees
  • Execute new campaigns, seasonal launches in short span of time
  • Grow sales by enhancing staff knowledge
  • Engaging partners with the brand and living the brand vision
  • Certifying store champions
  • Managing and monitoring widespread distribution network