Create Modules

Set Chapter Properties

This is the pace where you will set the  properties of your Chapters.


Step 1 Just like how you can create modules from scratch, in a similar manner you can also create a library of chapters on subjects using a video, a simple ppt, document or simply an image.
Step 2 To do so, from the “Content tab” click on “Chapters” and then further click on “Add New”. Before clicking on “Add New” if you want to upload a chapter from your device you can click on “Computer” on the chapters listing screen and then add a chapter from the device itself.
Step 3 Once you click on “Add New”, on the next window the system will allow you to manage and configure the chapter properties. It will also allow to create and add a small quiz at the end of the chapter to assess the users knowledge of the chapter.
Step 4 Furthermore, on this window you can enter the name of the chapter, its summary, set threshold percentage, upload a file to be used as chapter, create new and add existing questions, choose a closing text, update the content source and finally create a tag for the group.
Step 5 Additionally, the Add New questions option will allow you to create 5 type of questions, namely, MCSA, MCMA, MCSA with image, MSMA with image, Short and Descriptive. This dialog box will also allow you to Make the questions mandatory, attach a reference image and allow comments and share reference under Advanced options section.
Step 6 The threshold option will allow you to configure the mandatory content consumption limit. For example, a pdf file of 10 pages – with threshold limit set as 50% will configure the file in such a manner that once the users consume first 5 pages; the system will allow them to mark the file as complete and rest 5 pages will be considered optional.
Step 7 As soon as you key-in all the required information; you need to click on “Save” to save the changes. Instantly a new dialog box will appear asking you to either “Skip” or “Share”.
Step 8 Former, will redirect you to chapter listing screen wherein you can configure certain properties related to downloadability of the content along with Handover, deletion and modification which can be done using the respective icons under Actions column.
Step 9 Latter, will take directly inside a new module wherein this chapter will be added automatically. From this window you can either choose to go ahead with one chapter or add more to complete the creation of a module.
Step 10 In scenarios wherein you have chosen to skip and want to add this chapter in an existing active module, you can do so by looking up the module in module listing screen and then under chapters column click on the chapter number and add this chapter to the existing chapter list by clicking on “Wooqer” option.