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App for ReOps

After weeks of heartbreaking news, we have re-openings to look forward to and an opportunity to Get Going, AGAIN. We do hope everything returns to normal as soon as possible. Safe re-openings and continued new normal SOP’s are a must to stay open. Sharing new guidelines, resetting expectations with your employees, measuring compliance and staying on top of data shall create a minimum environment of safety and sensitivity. At this time of change, we are happy to bring you the Wooqer App for ReOps, a mobile first App designed to help you achieve a sage reopening, easily. The Wooqer App for ReOps is a ready to use app that's quickly and easily customizable to your needs without any technical dependence. As newer guidelines come in, the App can be easily and quickly reconfigured to meet newer expectations.

Your “App for ReOps” includes:

Covid-19 Employee Risk Assessment

Covid-19 Office Reopening Checklist

Covid-19 Daily Safety Checklist

Covid-19 Workplace Audit

Covid-19 Incident Report

Covid-19 Employee Health Tracker

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