Ramadan is upon us. The annual period is observed by nearly a quarter of the world- about 1.8 billion people. Throughout this duration, Muslims focus on self-control, compassion, and social responsibility. Consequently, daily habits, consumer patterns, and buying decisions change affecting entire countries and people around the globe.


Since the festival involves exchanging gifts, stocking up the home with food and snacks, and wearing the best clothes, a lot of retail categories such as fashion, luxury, home, and living perform the strongest during this time. Facebook says that in 2018, 45% of people in the UAE bought packaged food and drinks during Ramadan from brands that had the best offers.


The success of e-commerce businesses during the festivities of Ramadan will depend on their ability to guide the customer to complete their purchase on their web or mobile app. These businesses must, therefore, develop a deep understanding of the customer’s shopping journey across touchpoints and deliver a unified experience throughout.


Preparing early for your marketing campaigns will allow you to execute strategies on time. Let’s explore a few steps the modern retailers can take to maximize revenue during Ramadan and build lasting customer relationships.


Top Ramadan Marketing Tips for the Modern Retail Brands

Engage with your buyers

Start engaging with your past buyers early and recommend products personalized to their shopping history using your transactional data. Early engagement is fruitful since customers plan ahead of the season and think about buying gifts quite early on. Marketing near the beginning of Ramadan will allow you to message your marketing to help customers find the perfect gifts for their people.


Identify sales patterns

During Ramadan, there are peaks in retail sales. Find out similar patterns from your retail data and analytics. Keep in mind that the same pattern could spring up this year for each customer. Remember that Ramadan falls on different dates. Strategize for the peaks in sales and plan your customer retargeting budget accordingly.


Maximise mobile presence

If you only have a physical store, this is the best time to get into e-retail. It’s hard to shop with an empty stomach- you’d agree. This is why most people prefer to stay home and comfy during Ramadan. Use your website to attract customers and increase retail sales. It also makes sense to maximize mobile presence for Ramadan.


Deliver omni-channel experience

Deliver optimized cross-device experiences to win more shoppers and sales during the Ramadan. Shoppers tend to view products on multiple devices and complete transactions on different devices. Leverage this behavior by accurately identifying, mapping, and serving personalized ads to the customer across their preferred devices and gain an edge in marketing and engagements.


Special offers

Roll out a discount or special offer of the year during Ramadan. Let’s face it, people are anyway going to shop. So, if you are trying to onboard them with your business, you need to give them perks to do so. Use your online presence to notify them about the promotional offer of the year you are rolling out in the wake of Ramadan.


Bundle your products

Create relevant product bundles for customers to choose from. Since your customers are short on time and energy during Ramadan, it helps them if you can bundle products in a meaningful way. This can be done using a personalized strategy for each customer based on their shopping preferences and history.


Support your customers

Extend customer service hours. Provide an online service to your customers starting evening until the morning. You can implement this strategy effectively with access to sales software so that you can offer great customer experiences to your buyers throughout their festivities.


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