The competition in the retail space is getting more and more fierce in the digital era. It is critical now that retailers have full visibility of their operations, the ability to take mature, real-time decisions, a data-driven strategy for maximizing sales, and communication channels across distributors, partners, and with internal staff.


The last part of that puzzle is often overlooked, but one of the most essential part of running a retail business. It is key to measure the efficiency of internal communication and optimize it so you can develop ways to collaborate on issues that plague your business.


Retail employees such as sales associates, floor managers, and corporate staff can directly and positively impact sales and customer retention when they have the right communication channels set up internally.


Effective communication is necessary to have employees aligned with the business’ goals and practices. Gaps in interaction can lead to inefficiencies and shortcomings in meeting business objectives.


Since communication is critical for retailers, let’s delve deeper into the metrics retail businesses can track to maximize internal communication and increase conversion.


Performance and productivity

By making knowledge more accessible to the right teams at the right time, you can increase the productivity of employees. By making data and information more reachable, you can eliminate scenarios where staff members spend time enquiring about the inventory or hunting for any other information. With an internal communications app, you can centralize data and change its access controls for various departments.


Customer satisfaction

When retail employees are able to interact with their teams and cross-department, they can deliver a better, seamless customer experience. By highlighting customer data and stories in your internal communications solution, you can drive personalized interactions at every step of the buyer journey.


Employee retention

Internal communication can instill a feeling of community and togetherness in employees. Moreover, they feel in control of their tasks when information is available at hand. It also increases their self-dependency and eliminates any feeling of superiority that prevails when information is only available to the more experienced staff. Periodic surveys and feedbacks make it easy to capture and relay efficiency and performance-related data throughout the organization.


Team collaboration

Effective collaboration is proof that you are right on your track with internal communication. Collaboration is a key strategy when it comes to achieving business goals in the retail industry. Maximize cooperation and encourage collaboration through a communications app.



Stakeholders and key executives get transparent, top-down visibility of the organization, which helps them in spotting patterns of inefficiencies and fix them. Through an internal communication solution, both Headquarter associates and store associates can stay on the same page and access a single source of truth through the centralized app.


Periodic communication

When talking about in-store communication, consistently define the timings when the weekly bulletin or monthly newsletter goes out. Important information can be relayed across your store on a periodic basis, thus improving internal communication and providing a pathway to broadcast critical information about policies, discounts, or strategies.


Employee engagement

When you have the right communications infrastructure set up, employees will generally be happier and satisfied with their jobs. An engaged employee will give their best to your business, and this commitment will help you grow your retail business faster.


Views and open rates

When you send out business-critical information, be able to see whether or not it reached all employees. Moreover, a communications solution can give you insights into which employees read that information and responded to it, if necessary.



An internal communications app can also help you view employee schedules and see where the conflict. When employees work different shifts at various locations, it helps to reduce scheduling issues through effective internal interaction.


Feedback and incentives

With a communications app, managers can give actionable feedback to employees and recognize those who have been the most active in pursuing the organization’s goals. Incentivizing improved performance and results through an internal communication app can encourage all employees to up their ante and get them positively motivated to work with better focus toward the enterprise’s goals.


Effective communication stands at the core of any retail business. At Wooqer, we understand that. Our on-cloud, DIY platform helps retailers streamline communication across their locations and the business hierarchy.