Assign WorkApp to users

Once you have configured a WorkApp, assigning it to users is easy.

A. Click on the Assign icon against the WorkApp

B. Assign the WorkApp

See details below to understand when and how to use each approach

This is the primary and most recommended approach for most WorkApps.

With this assignment approach, you can

- Search for a user

- Click on the number  of coverages available to assign to the given user or for which reports can be shared with the given user

- Check on coverages you want the user to submit data for (Assign) or see reports for (Share)

This is the most preferred assignment approach for assigning multiple coverages to one user or for assigning the Process to yourself for testing before launch

Auto-assignment is available only when the coverage is either 'Store/ Unit' or 'User'

If the coverage is: 'Store/ Unit', you can auto-assign the process to users holding specific roles and mapped to respective stores/ units. For example: Auto-assign the Start of Day Checklist to Unit Managers for their respective unit. The Unit Manager ID needs to be created against the role: Unit Manager and mapped to the given Unit for this to work.

If the coverage is: 'User', you can auto-assign the process to users for submitting data for self. For example: Performance Appraisal process would have coverage as user and each user would submit his or her own appraisal.

When the assignment is on a peculiar logic and the numbers are large, Bulk assignment is the way to go. Click on the Bulk Assign icon to download the assignment template. Update and upload!