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Adoption: What to expect | How to impact

Social Media may have taken 10 years to get 40% of ‘their’ target audience to start logging in. But with Wooqer, you can get 40% of ‘your’ target audience to start logging in within 30 days of organizational kick off. Go on to 50% by 60 days and 60% by 90 days. While this is what an average company would achieve, what you achieve is a function of :


Users use Wooqer to get ‘work’ done, mostly during working hours. So clearly, they log on when they are assigned work on Wooqer. And the ‘adoption‘ (# of users logging in, visits and time spent) is a function of the amount of work assigned and the number of people it is assigned to.

To understand it better, assume that you have :

  • 100  people,  of whom
  • 50 have to submit a daily report that takes them 10 min/day  to complete.
  • 5 people  reviewing reports once a week and
  • 10 minutes  for reviewing each report.

100%  adoption  thus translates to 55  logins, over 1520  visits  and 250  hours.  75-80%  of this is a great number to target!

Wooqer Guidelines

  • Start by engaging your audience
  • Make sure that the early programs have value for the audience and they see the value
  • Start by replacing work to ‘reduce’ effort, instead of adding new
  • Snap out of existing methods instantly
  • Videos and interactive content work better than documents and spreadsheets
  • Conversational beats professional
  • Break it into short and simple chunks


The content/ work that you assign, will get the person to log on, the first time. Subsequent visits are a function of how useful the person finds this content or work.

Take the case of Alex and Rita (Names changed). As Training Managers both started with existing learning content in form of presentations.

Alex invested 30 days to upload all the content he had and set up neat modules for the sales team. Rita on the other hand picked up one area, spent 2 hours to convert her presentation into a 20 minute video, another 1 hour to build an assessment around it, and rolled it out as a refresher. She repeated the exercise on different areas each month.

Here’s what followed :


The difference is in the packaging and presentation!

This is just one example of how presentation changed the audience perception of usefulness. Many more exist and you may come up with even better ones. Just stay focused on delivering ‘what’s in it for me ?’ for your audience.


The quality and quantity of communication both impact adoption.

Watch out for Wooqer’s “recommended communication guidelines” to identify quantity that might be optimal for your program/ organization. When in doubt, always over-communicate.

Communication quality is a tricky area and different things usually work in different organizations. However, some things consistently differentiate communication that works from communication that doesn’t. Here’s two examples:

Last month we rolled out the Daily sales report process for all sales reps. Unfortunately, only 10% of the sales reps have started reporting the sales numbers and even they haven’t done it daily. Please understand that it is very difficult for us to keep sending you reminders every day and it leads to delays in sending the daily update.

Please make sure that you report your numbers in time from tomorrow. If we don’t receive the report from everyone this month, we will have to scrap the process.


Congratulations to our Movers and Shakers !

We rolled out the Daily Sales report process for sales reps last month and I am glad that 10% of you have already adopted it. You are truly our “Movers and Shakers” and have taken us one step closer to delivering the daily updates in time for benefit of all. I am sure that you will do your best to ensure that the report gets updated within the cut-off, every single day. I’ll definitely be watching out for those who do so.

For all those who have not yet started updating the daily report, give it a try NOW! It’s easy and will help you get the daily update faster. This process is a way of life hereon and the sooner you start doing it, the faster we can all move. I look forward to seeing timely reports from each of you in the month ahead and home that you will not let me down.

List of names ….

Both these messages have been written in the exact same context, with the exact same purpose. But the first expedites failure and the second seeds success. There are 3 things that we find consistently differentiating great communication:

Factors impacting Communication effectiveness

  1. Approach – Great communication is built upon a positive approach. It focuses on successes rather than failures. It helps bring out the best in people and inspires them to Be More. It creates a virtuous cycle where people who are successful want more of it and those not yet successful want to get there
  2. Belief – When you carry belief, it shows in the communication you send. People respond positively when they sense your belief through the communication you send.
  3. Focus  – Great communication is focused on the recipient and not the sender. It communicates and/or reiterates for them: “What’s in it for me”.

These guidelines should give you a fair idea of how much adoption to expect and how to impact adoption. For further guidance in context of your organization and program, do reach out to your Wooqer Partner.